Hi guys! Welcome back to the A+D blog and another installment of Tuesday Book Journeys. This week, I wanted to focus the spotlight on literary magazines, a niche collection of poetry, prose, and (sometimes) art submissions. Though I was aware of their existence, I only truly became privy to the specifics once I got to college.

In my last semester of school, I joined the editorial staff for our campus’ literary magazine, ZAUM. Throughout the semester, myself and the rest of those on the submission board took part in reading over and deciding which written works would be featured in the spring issue. If there’s one thing that inspires me to pen down my own story ideas it’s reading the work of others. Language inspires language, as I’ve learned from my pleasure reading. I almost always walk away feeling some kind of itch to return back to any of the several dozen unfinished stories collecting cobwebs in my word processing program. But, I digress.

Not only was my time on the ZAUM staff one of my first experiences in witnessing and partaking in the editorial process — something that contributed to my passion for publishing — but it encouraged me to seek out other, somewhat local, literary magazines, not only for entertainment’s sake but to cure my own burning desire to find writing inspiration. With that being said, I thought today I would share with you a few of my other favorite Bay Area literary magazines, written and published by other colleges, in the hopes that you check them out for pleasure or to potentially submit some of your own work!

If you’re interested in ZAUM, you can find more information here: http://zaum.sonoma.edu/

Not only is ZAUM open to students attending Sonoma State but anyone attending a university can participate by submitting their work. A physical issue of the magazine is published in the fall and an online publication, ZAUM XS, is published in the spring. Both versions feature a mixture of poetry, prose, and artwork.

Another great publication is Fourteen Hills, run and published by graduate students enrolled in the creative writing program at SFSU. They too accept submissions from all writers in the US and abroad. In fact, they’re currently prioritizing submissions of poetry and fiction in translation. They’re highly contemporary in their written and art publications and adaptive to historic trends in literature and culture. What drew me to this lit mag was the exceptionally artistic cover art, always eye-catching and alternative.

My current favorite lit mag is  , produced by the California College of the Arts. They’re latest edition, published late last year, is centered around the controversial issues and topics of today. These writers are bold and fearless in their craft, not afraid to charge against the status quo or question authority. It’s edgy, it’s thought-provoking. Their editor, Joseph Lease, writes this on the first page of the mag

We are writers and readers. We live inside multiple horrors: systemic racism, misogyny, homophobia, a toxic / apocalyptic version of capitalism. We don’t know how much time we have. At times, we are toxically present. At other times, we don’t know whether we are here at all. This is why we need good writing.”

If you’re interested in reading the mag, cover to cover, follow this link: http://11-11.cca.edu/2018-fall/

The last mag I’ll mention is Switchback, published by the MFA in writing students of University of San Francisco. Just like the city itself, the pieces in this mag are progressive, raw, earnest. I love writers who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of social normalcy in their work. Their works include fiction, poetry, and non-fiction — an interesting change of pace that the other mags I’ve mentioned don’t feature on their site.

For more info, check out their website: https://usfblogs.usfca.edu/switchback/


I’m Dana, a recent college grad from Sonoma State University and newly appointed Social Media Intern here at A+D here to chat with you every Tuesday and Friday. I’m excited to be a part of and witness the publishing process through the lens of a boutique agency. It’s so cool to be a part of a publishing movement specializing in artistic branding and helping contemporary writers craft their written work. Here, we’ll chat about the books that are changing and shaping our lives! So, here’s the place to explore them, to let them out. You can just think of me as your modern-day Bridget Jones – the bookish version!

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Art + Deco Agency is a boutique publishing agency of artists and literary trendsetters. For us, Art + Deco draws to mind a movement of artistic, social and political expression, and we strive to have that impact on literature and branding. Only the few are artistic enough to be a part of it, but we make lasting art and trademarks for the masses to enjoy for generations. Art + Deco actively seeks out and is sought out by new and established authors who are contemporary in their craft and bold in their ideas. We’re a new kind of publishing agency that combines innate understanding of publishing, manuscript editing, design, publicity and brand skills. We leave the stuffy blazers at the door and bring a fresh approach to overused, outdated publishing strategies. We’re a group of new-age masters – not just researching our fields but living inside of them every day. Our modern world needs modern voices, publishing solutions and brand identities. And that’s what Art + Deco provides!

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