This week, I have the pleasure of visiting my family at home, so I’m back with my brother, parents, and two sweet puppies down in L.A. Being here has been awesome; it takes me back to simpler times of high school gossip and not doing my own laundry. But truly, the best part has been going to my favorite old haunts, the hot spots on my walks home, my clandestine meeting destinations. 

Newsstands. For so long, they had been like radar blips in my vision. I would notice their presence only in that it filled some empty space, built into the side of a restaurant or nestled by a nail salon window. I would notice them only to move past them. Until one day when I had about 20 minutes to kill during my lunch period and was absolutely dreading the return to campus. So I stopped at a newsstand and took a hard right when I saw a slew of bright covers and crisp fonts. It was a small corner of literary magazines, stacked on a newsstand, embedded right on Sepulveda Ave. Since then, I’ve been back time and time again for ritualistic visits to pick up new editions of old faves and scope out the new talent. 

So now that I’m home for the week and picking up as many literary magazines as I can carry, I want to pass that opportunity on to you! For today’s Book Journey, I’ll be your online newsstand and dish out 5 stellar options for magazines you definitely need to start following–like, immediately. Hopefully you can get a taste of what you like, or you can head over to an IRL newsstand and get to flipping through some books!

1. Bodega Magazine


Bodega fancies themselves “your literary corner store,” a one-stop shop for all your literary needs. The magazine publishes poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction, and some really awesome interviews. Their punchy graphic style showcases a slew of uber-talented writers, gravitating toward newer cutting-edge formats and ideas. The work you’ll find on their website is all quick and vibrant, eschewing the staunchly white webpages for a bolder type of poetry.

Give it a read here!

2. Muzzle Magazine 


The magazine’s website really words it best: “Institutionalized hate, discrimination, exploitation, rape, violence, tangible and intangible theft, and other abuses of power are older than this country. We are seeking new answers to old questions and old answers to new questions. We are seeking something we don’t know how to name yet. As with a good love, we hope we will sense it at first handshake.” This publication is dedicated to finding earnest accounts of how it feels to live in our modern social climate. Muzzle wants readers to reconsider what systems keep them quiet, shut them up, cage them, and to unlock the potential behind those roadblocks.

Check it out at this link:

3. PANK Magazine


At PANK, they’ll be the first to tell you that, “strangeness is a small god.” The weird is what keeps us running, what keeps us reading. I personally have never aimed to read anything normal, so if you follow that M.O. at all then definitely hit up PANK. They publish fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry–all of an unparalleled ilk. So many stories start in media res, poems don’t shy away from themes of blood and destruction, and the final product is an eerie, thought-provoking, edgy anthology. 

Don’t miss out! Follow the link.

4. Zyzzyva 


Zyzzyva, aside from being really fun to say, is the last word in the English dictionary, so necessarily, Zyzzyva gets the last word on everything. The magazine is a Bay Area-based San Francisco journal of arts and letters with a highly engaging blog. This site definitely works in some more current event pieces with up-to-date, adept responses to poetry and literary criticism. Their content is candid but controversial, never sugar-coating the truth but rather telling it in more beautiful language. I’ve been following this site for a long time and it’s been amazing, start to finish. 

Hit the link for more!

5. Rattle Magazine


Rattle is an exclusively poetry literary magazine, making it a super easy read every time. But Rattle does something different than most: Each issue is spearheaded with a theme to respond to, generating tailor-made content from some of the best emerging writers. Last month’s topic was Instagram poets, and this upcoming issue will be centered around ekphrastic poetry, or poems that respond directly to art. They reach such a wide range of poets, styles, forms–I’m sure you’ll find a new favorite here. 

Read more here!

I’m Annie, a recent UC Berkeley grad and publicity intern here at Art + Deco Agency. I’ll be your resident blogger, chatting with and about emerging voices in the literary industry and getting you started on your summer reading list. Catch me here every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday!

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  1. It is so funny to think that I used to consider Time Magazine as my go to source for all things literary culture. The amount of resources out there for us readers is pretty astounding now. We have so many options that can lead to books I wouldn’t have otherwise read.

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