Hey guys! This year, The Navi Review has started a NEW chapter aimed at helping writers get published! I’ve opened Art + Deco Agency LLC., and brought on the most phenomenal team of PR specialists, graphic designers, event planners and editors to help writers with all of their writing endeavors from start to finish – from conception of your ideas to delivery of your book in hand!

Over the years, I’ve realized that there are SO many writers and would-be authors out there who just don’t know how to get started or who lose hope because the climb to the top seems so onerous! Well, never fear because now Art + Deco is here! Unlike any other publishing and marketing agency out there, we are a team of young professionals who’re ready to change the publishing game. We leave the stuffy blazers at the door and create contemporary, unique solutions for each of our client books. And, with me at the helm as the Creative + Editorial Director, you know that your book is in the best hands. You’ve known me for a long time – followed my reviews and my journey through this publishing world all the way up to the publishing of my OWN book! Now, let’s take the journey the next leg of the way. Check us out at artanddecoagency.org and email us for more information and for a full copy of our Media Kit at creative@artanddecoagency.com!

And, catch us at Black Writers Weekend in Atlanta, GA the weekend of June 8, 2019, where I’ve been asked to sit on a panel of speakers about the publishing industry and process! I’m really looking forward to taking this platform to the NEXT level to be a guide and advocate for new writers! If you guys know ANYONE who’s even THINKING of writing a book, or who’s already started, or who has it completed, or who’s looking for a marketing agency for their completed book refer them by having them contact us at the email address above! We can’t wait to hear from you and your loved ones!

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Art + Deco Agency is a boutique publishing agency of artists and literary trendsetters. For us, Art + Deco draws to mind a movement of artistic, social and political expression, and we strive to have that impact on literature and branding. Only the few are artistic enough to be a part of it, but we make lasting art and trademarks for the masses to enjoy for generations. Art + Deco actively seeks out and is sought out by new and established authors who are contemporary in their craft and bold in their ideas. We’re a new kind of publishing agency that combines innate understanding of publishing, manuscript editing, design, publicity and brand skills. We leave the stuffy blazers at the door and bring a fresh approach to overused, outdated publishing strategies. We’re a group of new-age masters – not just researching our fields but living inside of them every day. Our modern world needs modern voices, publishing solutions and brand identities. And that’s what Art + Deco provides!

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